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Letter to Wesley Football Alumni & Friends,

In 1989, Coach Drass and I, along with several other coaches started building our football program. We recruited the first in a long line of outstanding players that became the foundation of one of the top football programs in the country. 

In 1993, Coach Drass became the Head Coach and the program really took off.  He coached for the next 25 years and ended up as one of the winningest coaches in all of college football.  Along the way his program made a positive impact on hundreds if not thousands of players' lives. Unfortunately, with the closing of Wesley College, our remarkable program has come to an end.

Right now, our Wesley Football family has two options.  

Option One:  Do Nothing

If we do nothing, our accomplishments, memories, experiences and the Wesley Football family will quickly fade away. 

Option Two: Take action with the Wesley Football Foundation

If you believe in the positive impact of Wesley Football, if you are proud of our program’s accomplishments, if you want to maintain the bonds created by our football family and if you believe the Wesley Football legacy needs to be remembered and memorialized, we all need to take action.   To help, I have started the Wesley Football Foundation.  This foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization, designed to keep the Wesley Football legacy alive. 

To start, our foundation will do the following:. 

First, we will raise money for scholarships to high school football players who fit the criteria of a Wesley Football player - someone that Coach Drass would have loved to recruit (players just like you). I believe these scholarships will keep the legend of Coach Drass deservedly alive in the football community in Delaware and beyond..

Second, we have started a capital campaign to build a memorial to our program.  We are hoping to do this on our former campus or Drass Field. We already have a sizable monetary commitment for this project.  I believe both these projects will get the ball rolling and give us a reason to get together and keep the Winning Tradition Alive.

Finally, this organization and its mission can only exist if we do this TOGETHER!.  You, as a Wesley Football alumni or friend of the program can take action by:

  1. Spreading the word about The Wesley Football Foundation

  2. Donating  

  3. Signing up for our golf outing - Friday, July 30th. We need 100 golfers!

  4. Participating in our memorabilia  fundraisers 

  5. Volunteering for leadership positions in our organization.

Thanks in advance for your support,

Coach Knapp

Remembering Coach Drass

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